Event Production

Allow us to assist you in planning and producing a regal, tasteful, uniquely branded event where your guests experience a feeling of grandeur from entrance to exit.  Let us assist you with any event your planning!

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Consulting & Business Management 

You merely need professional assistance in steering you in the right direction.  You have a clear and concise vision regarding the event you want, the environment you need, and the results you expect.

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Talent Representation

Your success is our business. While you’re busy honing and perfecting your skills and talents, we’re equally busy garnering additional PR, philanthropic, and financial opportunities for you.

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International Partnerships

Jam’s primary international objective is to improve the production of live, lifestyle events and to promote activities globally with a mission of educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through universal development of community programs.

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Creative Design

Your logo is often the first impression that the world has of your company or event. Corporate logos are graphical displays of a company’s unique identity, and colors, fonts and images they provide are essential about a company to identify with the company’s core brand.

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Original Concepts

We specialize in conceptualizing unparalleled, unprecedented and innovative event properties, themes, décor, and motifs. In our stable of originals, we own, manage and operate over 20 properties and specially-designed logos, each original, each unique, each extraordinary.

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