Talent Representation

Your success is our business. While you’re busy honing and perfecting your skills and talents, we’re equally busy garnering additional PR, philanthropic, and financial opportunities for you.

Visual Artist Knowledge Bennett

We manage the brands, careers, and endorsement deals of some of the world’s most elite athletes and entertainers. With our global connections, our legal expertise, media image consulting, brand building, signature licensing prowess and more, we have the resources you need to take you to the next level. From negotiating contracts and structuring deals, to connecting you to charitable organizations and initiatives you’re passionate about, to securing speaking engagements or setting up your next worldwide book tour, we have the courage, solutions and modalities to successfully manage your talent and diversify your streams of revenue. If you’ve been a professional athlete, entertainer or a creative, for some time or just getting started, we can align, design and combine for you, unique, creative and strategic partnerships.

We assist our clients with digital online presence and work with a team of experts to make sure that your marketing is done how you envisioned it, but with all the latest modalities, and technologies. We can even help you develop your brand logo and websites with custom applications and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We’re here for you.

No matter how complex your business questions or direction you wish to take your personal brand, we have the capabilities and the experience to deliver the answers you need to move your career forward. We can help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results. We will be right by your side to assist with critical decisions and business management.

Endorsements are big business. The marketing industry is extremely vital, lucrative and pervasive. With our extensive legal background and lawyers on the team, we can draft, review and analyze endorsement deals, explain clauses in the written agreement, such as morality clauses, and assist you with connecting to brands that fit your endorsement conscientiousness.

As an industry leader, we are proficient in licensing, promotions, contract negotiations, drafting and interpreting agreements, personal appearances, and speaking engagements. We encourage all of our clients to get involved in the community. The firm can prepare 501(c)(3) documents required for recognition of tax exempt status for nonprofit corporations, match clients with charities they are passionate about, and assist with charitable aspirations.